CLOUD and BIG DATA Solutions

Big Data is Becoming Popular

In this dynamic age of technology where new trends become widely popular in no time, Big Data has rapidly caught on as a concept the world over. As with any other innovation it was first adopted by larger enterprises but has evolved quickly to the point that currently even medium and small enterprises are using it. This extensive use demands appropriate solutions that organisations need to implement to make the most of the changed situation.

Big Data & Cloud Go Together

The basic requirements of Big Data projects include huge volumes of data to be stored and transferred. For this to be realised, several clusters of servers need to be used for storage and processing. Additional organisations using Big Data services, there is the need to access a wide variety of external data sources, big chunks of new data are to be added to the data centre and a process for analysis and reporting is to be provided for. Cloud solutions with their storage capabilities and computing power can completely cater to this need.

Team7India's Big Data Solutions

Team7india can manage the increasing demands of big data services through our advanced cloud solutions. We can also provide a powerful reporting and analysis framework that can handle multiple requests with ease. Even if it is a networking or digging out specific data from clusters, our solutions offer quick response times giving real time insights.


  • Automotive
  • Banking and Financial
  • Communication services
  • Education
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Online Ecommerce
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Web start ups
  • Technology services


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