Top Challenges in Mobile Web Development

22 Jul 2015 | By Jane

Topics: Challenges in Mobile Web Development

International Data Corporation or IDC a market analysis and research firm have predicted that in 2013, smartphones sales across the world would cross the one billion mark. IDC has further emphasised that in the next few years sales in smartphones would increase further. This simple fact creates an urgent necessity to tackle the various challenges in mobile web designing and provide quick solutions to solving these problems. Otherwise, common website owners would lose a great portion of its potential customers who use smartphones and surf the internet thru it. A few of the challenges faced in mobile web designing are as follows-

Inability to use a mouse on a mobile device

When a website has a large amount of online content, it becomes a little difficult for the user of the smartphone to access the data, it wants to access the website. Here the experts from web designers in London would advise a mobile compatible website owner to use two main features which are:

  1. Building navigation elements into the website design and applications.
  2. Using convention features which incorporate simple mobile navigation gestures like swiping and pulling in it. In fact, this feature is so well incorporated that most Smartphone users would not notice it when accessing a website.

Designing for small mobile screens

In a normal website, a large amount of online content is displayed. But the when the same website is accessed by mobile users, large information would be displayed and this creates too much clutter. The experts at web designing company solve this problem by using fixed headers on various web pages. The other strategy that could be undertaken is designing a website for multiple devices or multiple screen sizes.

Problems in typing in a Smartphone

Even an experienced Smartphone user would have a slow typing speed when typing in his mobile.  When filling up an important form, you might create mistake while typing and would want to rectify it. Here the mobile website designers introduce auto completion features which help the mobile users to confirm and review the forms before submitting it. Easy navigation and control features are also introduced on the mobile compatible website, to make the mobile user enjoy its online surfing experience.

Slow internet speed

Most mobile users do not enjoy 4G speed. Thus these users have problems when downloading from a traditional website and these downloads might get disrupted also for a few times. Here the best advice would be to search for specific things on the website and then download it. Otherwise, you would face problems.

Handling phone call disruptions

The primary function of your mobile is to help you receive and take calls. Sometimes in the middle of your online surfing, you might receive calls and your website surfing gets disrupted. A good mobile enabled website would help you to reconnect with the work that you had left in middle. This simple process also creates better interaction with your online visitor for your website. For example, if you owned an e-commerce store and your online Smartphone user was making a sales closure on your website, you would want the sales closure to happen after he has taken his call. Otherwise, you would lose out on a potential customer.

In the next few years with an increased sale in smartphones, there would be various up gradations in web designing technology. This would help mobile web designers and website owners tackle the challenges which mobile web designing offers in the new days to come.


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