Things to Consider Before Choosing an Affordable Website Design

07 Apr 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Choosing an Affordable Website Design

The word “affordable” can be subjective and so an “affordable website” can be seen from a different perspective by different people. An affordable web design for most people is under £ 500 and for some, affordable means FREE.

For most people, one of the options mentioned above will work for getting an affordable website. People are always on the lookout for quality things at affordable rates. Nobody is ready to compromise on quality as it is the case with the website for doing business and to generate revenue.

While some people are ready to spend more for a custom website to achieve the look they desire. It’s a little scary to get quotes on website designs when you don’t know what the fair price is, and as it’s not always easy to find reputable web designers.

The answer to the above questions depends on the starting point from which each business approach their web project.

How should a Business approach their Web Development Project?

Do the Research

Often what a business do before starting a web project is do their part of research. This part of research often includes looking at multiple web design providers or suppliers and get widely varied costs for what might seem to be the same job. However, when you dig a little deeper into the details of each provider, there can be a disparity between what has been quoted and the skills offered.

Check the details carefully

Before getting the quote on your project, you should always look at the options on what work has been quoted for. If you are getting the quote for a low figure, it doesn’t mean you can make a bargain. At the same time, a high figure does not necessarily mean that it is the best choice. It is all about what you will get from your selected web design company.

Here are a few questions you must clear before booking your project with a web design provider.

  • Is it a template or custom-made?
  • Does it have a content management system or CMS?
  • Does the price include whole page design?
  • What about graphic creation and logos?
  • Do you have to pay extra for stock photos?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Is the hosting/ support is charged separately? 
  • Which platform is best for your business and what is used?
  • Is there any integration with other systems (CRM, social media, Payment systems)


When it comes to building your business online and to run it successfully, here are the most necessary ingredients that lead to success.

An Affordable Website

An affordable website built for all device sizes (responsive) is the first important ingredient. If you have a website that looks not just pleasingly good but designed to increase conversion, then you will see how easily the money comes.

Site traffic

When your website receives more quality visitors the potential for sale exists. You don't have to spend thousands of pounds to create a consistent flow of new website traffic. But only need to know how and where to find it.


When you know how to capture visitors’ attention and gather their data, you are one step closer to getting them as your clients. Only thing is you have to utilise this data at the right time.

Things to keep in mind Before Creating a Website

  • Don't pay money for a website that doesn't generate sales.
  • Don't spend too much money on a website you can't manage.
  • The first step towards generating revenue is to create a website that works


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