Secure your Personal Devices on International Computer Security Day

29 Nov 2017 | By Jish

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November 30 is observed as Computer Security Day all around the world! But, what this day has to do with you? There’s lot you can do yourself.


Computers, electronic devices, and smart phones have made our lives easier by making communication faster, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, they have created many privacy and security issues in our lives too. Identity theft, fake frauds, ransomware viruses and more can make our online experiences challenging.


This unofficial holiday brings in a reminder to stay on top of your computer security and to take necessary steps to make your personal information and data secure. The Computer Security Day was first observed in 1988. It is now celebrated worldwide by businesses, schools and government organisations.


How to Celebrate International Computer Security Day?

Are you using the same old password or the same password for all your online accounts? You may be vulnerable to hackers.

  • Spend the day changing and updating your passwords. Always use Strong Passwords.
  • Do not share your passwords or write it down.
  • Make the Windows update is enabled
  • Make sure your computer is password protected.
  • Sign up for a password manager that not only generates random passwords but can also save them for you so you don’t have to remember them.
  • Update all your spyware and malware protection software.
  • Caution when browsing the internet.
  • Make your wireless network secured.
  • Remove unused programs from your computer.
  • Do not give store or remember my passwords option in your web browser.
  • Log off your computer when you’re not using it.
  • Regularly back up your important files and photographs.
  • Make sure the temporary Internet files are periodically removed.
  • Make sure your Windows Firewall is turned on.

If you own a business or are responsible for organising events at your workplace, why not hold a computer security seminar for your employees and co-workers?

Draw up a security strategy and best practices for all of them to follow and present it at the meeting.

Help spread the word on social media using #ComputerSecurityDay to inform others how they can secure their data!

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