Key Elements of An E-commerce Website for Online Success

06 Oct 2015 | By James

Topics: E-commerce Website Elements for Online Success

Two years back only 10% of the total global retail shopping through online. Retail and that in 2014 this percentage is doubled by end of this year. Both new and old e-commerce companies have begun to pay more attention to improve their shipping process so that the customer receives his goods on time and enjoys an enhanced experience of shopping. Data from Infographics on the internet has indicated that 90% of the total online customers are influenced in their buying decision in the first ninety seconds they spend in your e-com website. Therefore if you are an e-commerce website owner integrating these essential elements on your website would help you to get high customer conversion ratios in today’s competition. Below given elements are essential for an e-commerce website, which helps them enjoy great online success throughout the year.

Developing a friendly customer policy

Whenever you visit popular e-commerce website you would notice that there is the presence of data clarity in their shopping sites. There will be a clearly mentioned customer services data, every process, shipment, policies and payment. This helps the online visitor to quickly understand the nature of transaction he would need to undertake and creates a trust, which helps him to make a sales closure immediately. The more you develop customer friendly policies for your customers and solve issues they face your e-commerce website would enjoy repeat sales and also a positive word of mouth among your online existing customer. This would help you to enjoy more new customers on a daily basis, than any other form of online business marketing strategies.

Implement a crisp product description along with high-quality images

You have less than a minute to impress your online visitor; therefore you should take this challenge very seriously. When web designers and developers develop your e-commerce website, you must inform them to make the product descriptions short and crisp. A high-quality image and a video (demonstrating the use of the product) in the product description area would help you to encourage your online visitor to close the sales in your e-commerce website fast within a few minutes. All the above elements would help your potential online visitor understand the features of the products, answer his queries and map it with his needs. Then he would be convinced to invest in the product immediately.

Easy Navigation Features

It has been estimated that when an online visitor visits a website, he has the intention to buy a specific product in mind. When he does not find the product within a minute, he logs into another website. Whether you are an e-com website owner in London or in Copenhagen, you would want your online customer to enjoy enhanced user experience when shopping on your website. Thus your website should have features like responsive web page layouts. Search features, contact details and clear activity buttons, which would guide the online visitor in your website, when he is making his online purchase. In fact, his shopping experience should be hassle-free and this would ensure that he would come back to your e-com website again and also recommend it strongly in his inner circles.

You as a website owner should also develop a habit to study your competition, use Google Analytics to study your daily online traffic and incorporate all the essential elements that would make your e-com website a leader in its market segment. This would involve a lot of hard work from your end but once it is implemented you can relax and enjoy your online success in days to come.

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