Convincing Small Businesses to Have a Website

19 Apr 2016 | By James

Surveys reveal that even after the last 20 years in which the internet has grown 100 times, only about a half of all small businesses have websites. The other half still treats websites as an unnecessary overhead, which can hardly contribute to their revenues. When approached with a proposal to build a website, most of these small business owners dismiss the idea arguing that their business does not need it. They consider it a money and time-consuming affair that they never needed before and doing just fine without one. It is really difficult to convince these mostly middle-aged people, who are not really tech savvy, about the importance of having a website and how can they benefit from them.


Instead of educating them about how their business can benefit from a website or how it can be useful to customers etc., try telling them about the negative image their business can have because of the lack of a website. Tell them that in today’s world, a website is as essential for a business as a business card and for customers who are new to a business a website gives a sense of credibility. This is by far the best reason you can give to an unconvinced small business owner.


More than 90 percent of small businesses tells you that they do not need a website because they feel building a website is a costly and time-consuming process. Some also believe that maintaining a website is also expensive. But if you could promise them to deliver a fully functional website within a matter of days at the bare minimum of costs, most of them would budge. You also need to make sure that the site you build is bug-free and needs absolutely no maintenance.


Website hosting is definitely the most underestimated aspect of small business websites. For customers with real tight budgets, suggest the cheapest available hosting services like shared hosting to start with. Later on, you can educate them about advantages of having a faster, high-end server to host the site, which will be worth the extra money spent on them.

Once the reluctant business owner is convinced of having a website, it is good to build him a simple static website to start with. Write about the inception and development of the business into what it is today, list details and prices of their products or services, maybe a form to request a quotation, testimonials from loyal customers and off course, contact of the business. If you are opting for cheap hosting, make sure that the design is bandwidth optimised, so that it loads faster. Needless to say, go for a responsive design so that the site looks good on mobile screens also. As your relationship with him gets better, you can remind him of the advantages of advanced aspects of content management system, search engine optimisation etc., and show him how his website can generate leads, convert them and generate sales.

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