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14 Aug 2015 | By Jane

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We have seen a huge eruption in the popularity of frameworks in the recent years and PHP developers have never had so much choice when deciding what to work with. There are different types of frameworks to suit different types of web development and now developers can opt to choose what best suits their needs.

What is the primary focus of your web development?

You need to identify exactly what the project's main use will be. Whether it is an e-commerce website, a social-based site or a directory? The framework you use may differ depending on platforms such as projects which require banking and card processing facilities could benefit from a framework which already has built in and proven extensions for these processes.

The Frameworks

Here’s a closer look at the five of the most popular, flexible and user-friendly PHP frameworks currently available to date.


CakePHP is the best option if your developers know how to write PHP4 compatible code. It’s one of the oldest and most popular available and it has a faultless reputation as a highly capable framework.


With a small footprint and extensive documentation, CodeIgniter is one of a number of PHP5.2+ MVC frameworks. It can be mastered extremely quickly as it is known as one of the most popular ‘’beginner’’ frameworks because of its high level of user friendliness.


Beginning its life as an extension of CodeIgniter, Kohana has the same lightweight easy to use feel. However, it requires a PHP 5.3 which CodeIgniter doesn’t. This allows it to feature some advanced functionality as well as less code required to accomplish certain tasks and applications.


For the specific development of web applications enter Yii. It’s a high-performance PHP 5 framework which utilises a lot of command line generators and quick tools to get users to their end product. Yii can be extended easily and supports themes, widgets, templates and more.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is one of the more complex options for developers with considerable experience in building enterprise level applications. Zend doesn’t tie you into the MVC pattern, though you can choose to use it if you want. It also requires PHP 5.1.4

Remember the right PHP framework could make or break your development project so it is something you should carefully consider before making a decision. To make it easier get in touch and discuss your Web Development requirement with us.

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