Top 10 Features Every Small Business Websites Must Have?!

December 27, 2017

Online businesses are becoming more prevalent these days with many new small businesses popping up each day. While the competition is stiff, one needs to find out innovative ways to succeed online. What every small online business must have at first is a website, and there are certain things you need to incorporate on this website. Of course, there are simple things such as an easy domain name, a phone number and a logo, but it’s also vital to think about the content, links and navigation that will go onto your website. Let’s find out what are these top necessary features that your websit

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Secure your Personal Devices on International Computer Security Day

November 29, 2017

November 30 is observed as Computer Security Day all around the world! But, what this day has to do with you? There’s lot you can do yourself.   Computers, electronic devices, and smart phones have made our lives easier by making communication faster, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, they have created many privacy and security issues in our lives too. Identity theft, fake frauds, ransomware viruses and more can make our online experiences challenging.   This unofficial holiday brings in a reminder to stay on top of your computer security and to take nece

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Best E-commerce Solutions you can get for your Website?

October 11, 2017

Creating an online store is easier these days with advanced technologies, best-in-class solutions, and pieces of expert advice. If you are tired of looking for the best e-Commerce solution for your business, you’re not alone. Many companies have the same kind of feeling in not knowing which platform to choose to maximise their business idea. Choosing an online e-Commerce solution is important because you need to feel secure using the chosen platform and something you will stick to for a long time. Now let's check, How can you choose the best e-commerce solution for your business?

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Why Offshore Web Development is good for your Business?

September 18, 2017

You may have heard the term “Offshore” or “Outsource” more often, if you have involved into the web development of your business project. While, many are keenly interested and praise the good merits of outsourcing to overseas, some are still confused as there are many who have had bad experiences from outsourcing their works. To steer clear off the confusion and to decide, whether to outsource your project to an offshore web development company, here let me help you with some core points. Benefits of Outsourcing your web projects Cost: If you were thinking abo

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10 Best Free Fonts for your Website

September 1, 2017

Some tiny things on a website can make huge impacts. Fonts are one such thing. What separates a professional web design from other non-professional websites is the perfection even in tiny details. When it comes to building a website, you may have considered about all the technical details such as picking a domain name, setting up emails, designing a logo, finding the perfect images or figuring out what to sell online, and probably missed what fonts to be used that make your website sparkle and shine through out. Although, it sounds pretty boring and insignificant, this can be something you may h

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Virtual Employees from a Remote Office Set-up

July 25, 2017

You may be trying hard to grow your business, but want to spend less, earn more and operate more efficiently. What better idea other than opting for a smart Virtual employee who can work exclusively for you from an organised remote office environment?! Don’t you feel strange and surprised? It can be seem like a big risk bringing on virtual employees to work for you. Who knows they’re really working when they say they are, right? It is quiet natural and fair, if you asked such a question. But it’s also one that the data suggest isn’t worth worrying about. In fact, remote wo

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7 Secure ways to protect your website from Hackers

May 29, 2017

If you have a website, be prepared for any vulnerable security hacks. The majority of security breaches are not intended upon stealing your important data, but in using your server as an email relay for spam. Sometimes, the hackers can use your web server to setup a temporary server to send out files of any illegal nature. Hackers can also use your servers as part of a botnet or to mine for Bitcoins.  Botnets and Bitcoins In botnets, your internet connected devices such as PC's, servers, mobile devices and IOT’s are used by hackers to send spam emails, engage in click-through fraud

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Things to Consider Before Choosing an Affordable Website Design

April 7, 2017

The word “affordable” can be subjective and so an “affordable website” can be seen from a different perspective by different people. An affordable web design for most people is under £ 500 and for some, affordable means FREE. For most people, one of the options mentioned above will work for getting an affordable website. People are always on the lookout for quality things at affordable rates. Nobody is ready to compromise on quality as it is the case with the website for doing business and to generate revenue. While some people are ready to spend more for a custom we

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Why you need to make your website Mobile friendly?

March 15, 2017

Most of the people today own a smartphone and do most of their search and business transactions through a mobile device. Time has come that you change your focus from desktop only web designs to mobile web designs. Mobile is such a handy device that people constantly use it to communicate with others and keep informed. Data indicates that the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers. Therefore, it is critical to creating an online presence with a mobile-friendly website. Google has been favouring mobile-friendly websites since it last updated its algorithm in March 2016. G

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Why Mobile Commerce will set a Trend in 2017 and beyond?

January 16, 2017

The year 2017 and the years beyond are going to witness a large digital transformation into Mobile Commerce. The number of people shifting from old mobile phones to technology driven smartphones is increasing rapidly. As a result, the retail world is undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation. Latest technologies, as well as the new business models, are having a profound influence on this transition. Roughly 4.77 billion people are expected to be using smartphones by the end of 2017. It is expected that by 2020 about 204 billion people will move into mobile- commerce. As this tremendous change is

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Things you need to get Online with an Affordable Website

December 19, 2016

Starting own business is often considered as a very good idea when you have enough economy to back support. Taking your small business from an ordinary bricked building to an online business is often considered to double the cost of total expenditure. To put an end to the misconception, many web development companies have come up with the concept of designing a website in the most affordable way. Benefits of Affordable Websites Small businesses and start-ups are the ones who are benefited from creating an affordable website. The benefit is not simply limited to having a website, but they can

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How can you be a Digital Marketing specialist?

December 8, 2016

Digital marketing is a vast area which cannot be completed within a specific time limit. Those who are in it should be passionate learners, technology enthusiasts, proactive and creative thinkers. In order to become a digital marketing specialist, you must have a clear understanding of all the digital marketing channels. Digital Marketing Channels Here are the various digital marketing channels that are used in the marketing of businesses online. 1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) SEO is the process of optimising your website to ‘rank’ higher in search engine results pages. It

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Virtual Employees for Small Companies and Start-Ups

July 28, 2016

The idea of virtual employees is an innovative HR solution offered by some mid-scale tech companies from India. A client is offered a dedicated employee to work on his project remotely and pay an hourly rate. Hiring virtual employees is perfect for the web and mobile app development and similar BPO projects. Some web and mobile app development companies with development centres in India are offering an innovative manpower solution for start-ups and small companies looking for expansion without investing big. The idea of virtual employees is not as complex as it sounds. A virtual employ

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Offbeat E-commerce Innovations Pioneered by Amazon

July 13, 2016

Started off as an online bookseller in 1998, Amazon quickly won the hearts of millions of online customers and changed the overall experience of shopping. The amazing innovations in online trade brought by Amazon are the secrets behind the phenomenal success of this global e-commerce website, some of which follows here. E-commerce companies are known for bringing in innovative ideas that are offbeat and unheard of before in the world of commerce and trade. The very concept of buying and selling products online itself was pretty offbeat at the time it emerged. The dot com bubble saw a lot of players e

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3 Premium Fonts For Your Website

June 28, 2016

The text content of a website should be presented in quality fonts if the site visitor should read it carefully. Rather than choosing fonts by their looks, you should focus on their readability and legibility. Choosing fonts for a website is critical because they reflect the class of the business. Fonts play a crucial role in the visual appeal of a website. No matter how impressive your content is, you need to present it in quality fonts if you want the website visitor to read it carefully. Rather than choosing fonts based on their looks, you should focus more on the readability and legibility of the

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How Google Disappointed Android Aficionados

May 26, 2016

The Nexus series is Google’s own line of Android devices, developed in partnership with OEM contractors. The first five of the series were built by HTC, Samsung and LG. Even though Google had acquired Motorola by then, to the dismay of Android developers and loyalists, they made only one Nexus model; the Nexus 6. The Google Nexus series is Google’s own line of Android devices. Touted as flagship Android devices, the Nexus series of smartphones are unlockable devices that run the base version of Android, without any manufacturer modifications or customizations. Ever sin

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The Evolution of Web Based E-mail

May 4, 2016

Webmail or web based e-mail is an e-mail that can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. It is not bound by the many restrictions of ISP based emails, which requires an e-mail client software. Today, webmail is almost synonymous with e-mail and Hotmail, one of the first free web-based e-mail services, is credited for triggering the widespread popularity of this communication medium among the general public. Hotmail Hotmail (stylised Hotmail) was developed in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia, a post graduate from Stanford University, along with his friend Jack Smith. The name Hotmail is a word play wi

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Convincing Small Businesses to Have a Website

April 19, 2016

Surveys reveal that even after the last 20 years in which the internet has grown 100 times, only about a half of all small businesses have websites. The other half still treats websites as an unnecessary overhead, which can hardly contribute to their revenues. When approached with a proposal to build a website, most of these small business owners dismiss the idea arguing that their business does not need it. They consider it a money and time-consuming affair that they never needed before and doing just fine without one. It is really difficult to convince these mostly middle-aged people, who are not real

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Tips on writing a Bid Proposal in online bidding websites

November 5, 2015

Don’t use the same proposal for every job – Your life would definitely be a much easier if you could use the same proposal for each freelance position you bid on. But, the fact is, you can’t. Furthermore, if you were to use the same cookie-cutter proposal for every job, it is likely that the contractor would pass it by. Your proposal is your first chance to prove to a contractor that you are attentive and pay attention to detail. You can’t really do that if you send the same proposal each time. A scripted or template bid just tends to sound mechanical. A proposal

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Factors Helping Successful User Experience and User Interface Design

October 7, 2015

One of the most important factors that determine the success of any web or mobile applications is a user interface design. Latest technologies today lead to the development of more useful but advanced websites and mobile applications. But still, the success of a website or any other applications is determined by how users perceive it regardless of the evolving technology used. Thus User Experience Design (UED), UI, or UX starts playing a pivotal role in the website design and development process. The awareness about the vital requirements of end users of a product or service at each stage of d

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Key Elements of An E-commerce Website for Online Success

October 6, 2015

Two years back only 10% of the total global retail shopping through online. Retail and that in 2014 this percentage is doubled by end of this year. Both new and old e-commerce companies have begun to pay more attention to improve their shipping process so that the customer receives his goods on time and enjoys an enhanced experience of shopping. Data from Infographics on the internet has indicated that 90% of the total online customers are influenced in their buying decision in the first ninety seconds they spend in your e-com website. Therefore if you are an e-commerce website owner integrating these e

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Responsive or Adaptive Design! Which one should you choose?

September 22, 2015

As we all know earlier this year Google introduced “Mobile add-on” an algorithm change which spread anxiety across the digital spectrum. Its release made businesses reconsider their website design and how their website displayed across mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones. The overall goal being to enhance the user experience, achieving a mobile friendly site plays a key part in website redesign. So what’s the difference between the two and how you decide which one is good for your business? Responsive In simple terms, responsive web designs take the same site but us

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Content Management System Advantages

September 15, 2015

CMS or Content Management System is a web development tool for effectively managing your web contents and activities of a user offering complete access to your website using just one platform. A constituent PHP content management system confirms levelling, recreating new script from used data of script. It aims at organising manoeuvring, remoulding, forming script, content for file documents. PHP content management system has a handy interface which is effortless for experts as well as beginners. It helps the unprofessional user to redo, alter, upgrade the front end of their website. A cont

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Choose The Right PHP Framework For Web Development

August 14, 2015

We have seen a huge eruption in the popularity of frameworks in the recent years and PHP developers have never had so much choice when deciding what to work with. There are different types of frameworks to suit different types of web development and now developers can opt to choose what best suits their needs. What is the primary focus of your web development? You need to identify exactly what the project's main use will be. Whether it is an e-commerce website, a social-based site or a directory? The framework you use may differ depending on platforms such as projects which require banking and

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Top Challenges in Mobile Web Development

July 22, 2015

International Data Corporation or IDC a market analysis and research firm have predicted that in 2013, smartphones sales across the world would cross the one billion mark. IDC has further emphasised that in the next few years sales in smartphones would increase further. This simple fact creates an urgent necessity to tackle the various challenges in mobile web designing and provide quick solutions to solving these problems. Otherwise, common website owners would lose a great portion of its potential customers who use smartphones and surf the internet thru it. A few of the challenges faced in mobile web

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